As If

Growing up primarily an only child means lots of imagination and seeking sources of self-entertainment. Sure there were Beanie Babies and small pets, but when the novelty of those wore off, I always turned on my favorite movie. I never got sick of rewatching the same one every night for a week or two. Unfortunately, they were B movies and not necessarily renowned cinematic classics. Secondhand Lions, Practical MagicHoles, School of Rock, The Holiday, the entire gamut of Disney/Pixar, the Harry Potter series, every romantic comedy and anything Hilary Duff or Shia LaBeouf was in. !?!?!?!?!?!!!! Why. There's a couple decent gems in there but... yeesh. Nevertheless, movies nearly always ended happy and I enjoyed knowing it was inevitable.

As you've (maybe?) noticed, a lot of my post titles are film related. Clueless and She's All That aren't the best representations of my current relationship with film given this week's topic, but they fit the era of my outfit. Many of you know the tv+film world was a huge part of my life for several years, and therefore it will always be a source of inspiration.

This tie-front contrast collared crop top I found in a boutique during our short stay in Siena, Italy. So many Britney Spears music video vibes. In addition: white pointed toe heels always remind me of dressing up my Barbie dolls. The entire look just screamed Cher Horowitz from Clueless delivering her internal monologue about college boys vs high school boys while walking into school. I leave you with the greatest line from that movie: "You're a virgin who can't drive." *Brittany Murphy overly exaggerated smirk*

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