Senior year of high school I spent hating math, wearing all black (think low maintenance, not goth), and coming home to sew until I went to sleep. I would spend advanced trig passing my notebook back and forth to friends scribbling my mixed signals with boys, disagreements with my parents, and my senior year collection. More of the latter closer to May. I made 13 pieces ranging from a leather jacket to studded shorts. This was during the heyday of leather and lace, ditsy florals, feminine and edgy. I was a very matchy dresser in high school. That's why black was easiest to wear: color was intimidating to me. Fast forward a few years later and my closet is spitting up rainbow layers and the contrast is nearly blinding. Lately, I've been trying to discover a happy medium and started to incorporate more unique prints into the mix as well.

Like this geo/medallion printed dress I got at H&M a few years ago. I was drawn to it immediately, even though my closet had nothing like it at the time. Still a fan of some contrast, my belt and wedges are actually Goodwill finds. This might be one of the most inexpensive outfits on Rag Pepper! My mom taught me the art of second hand shopping--and believe me, it's truly an art. Below are some similar non-Goodwill options, but almost everything is on extreme clearance!

*If you're a Nashville native, you need to follow some of my favorite Goodwill-enthusiast bloggers on Instagram: Betsy of Goldwill Digger (@goldwilldigger) and Audrey of Affectionately Audrey (@affectionatelyaudrey). Goodwill has hosted two Sip, Shop, Style events in the Middle TN area where local bloggers will pick out some Goodwill gems and curate a mini-closet of great items to show that Goodwill can sometimes be overwhelming, but worth the hunt!

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