I respond well to routine. For instance, my posts get published on Sunday night at 7:27PM--(Facebook subscribers get a sneak peek). Except for this week: we went to San Diego to celebrate a few birthdays and our flight didn't touch down in Nashville until 2AM Monday. Normally, I would write in advance, but I wedged in a post about my picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and didn't have enough time. I recount all of this to say that sometimes breaking routine forces us to be okay with just that. For instance, this outfit is a little out of the norm on Rag Pepper because it's very simple and monochromatic. I put it on one day when heading to a coffee shop to work and remember really liking it--even though it wasn't my normal, color contrasting garb.

That's why I chose to shoot this look. Because it made me feel good! It can be overwhelming as a blogger to "be consistent". In reality, we all have a unique style that ebbs and flows over a common thread. The closer we can get to the thread, the closer we can get to our true style. Sometimes that takes experimentation--coloring a little outside the lines, if you will. I'm not referencing the stark evolution from your goth days in high school to your sorority days in college, I'm talking about the self evolving process that occurs after you've overcome all of that.

I respect those that have a "uniform" (aka have found their thread), but I also respect those who try new trends and embrace change (aka those with a few threads). Regardless of either, you're merely responding to the way your clothing choices make you feel: happy. Which they always, always, always should.

A lot of my choices reflect the spectrum of fear I'm anticipating in the outcome. That sounds a little serious for a blog post about an outfit, but that behavior is mirrored in all aspects of my life. I'm trying to trust the process and be okay with my choices... including an all black, monochromatic outfit on Rag Pepper. 😉

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