Last week's post topic seems to have spilled over into this week's. I'm feeling fatigued every time I manage to get in front of my laptop. Compiling my posts occurs the same way, and with that I lose a little writing flavor.

I started a new job, shifting 30 hours of my week to a different devotion, while simultaneously trying to expand my business. Blogging is getting the short end of the stick! I'm grateful for the creative transition and plan to continue Rag Pepper, but my content may occur on a different schedule than usual. I haven't quite decided yet. Clearly I'm using this white space as a thinking bubble.

Okay... now to the outfit of the week, maybe?!! I saw polka dots come back this summer season and talked about their place in a grown ass woman's wardrobe on this post. You may have seen this vivid spotted maxi on my packing list to Italy. It's charming, coy and ideal wedding-guest-attendee material. I treasure discovering new ways to wear a scarf or kerchief and my favored way of choice has been to tuck the scarf in to an eye-catching belt almost in a make-shift vest sorta way. Also, I never thought I would be able to coordinate my dress, accessories, and shoes in the color scheme of ink black, tangerine and periwinkle blue!

Below are some exact matches to this look and some similar options to inspire!


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