My middle school summers were spent making up games to play in the neighborhood pool and bringing pockets of change for the ice cream truck. My mom used to tell me I moved so easily and looked like a mermaid (bonus points for Marcie).

Last summer, Potsy and I were staying in downtown LA for a month and decided to jet over to Catalina Island for my birthday in August. I was really excited to try snorkeling after hearing the fish weren't shy. We put on our wetsuits and bought some fish food and made our way to the edge of the dock. Potsy jumps in and I'm hesitant because I hate cold water. I finally make it in, but the current is super strong and I haven't quite adjusted to the temperature. In the midst of this, a fish leaps up and BITES MY HAND to grab the food I was holding! Needless to say, I wasn't having it. Too cold. I can't breathe through this tiny blowhole. A fish just bit me. Nope. After some coaxing, I did finally fully get in.


This summer I wanted to find other options for bottoms besides cut off jean shorts. I saw these linen vertical multi-stripe high waisted flared (so many adjectives) online at Beehive Boutique and knew they would be light enough to wear on several occasions. Unfortunately, they've sold out, but you'll still be able to snag 15% off online or in store with the code TAKE15AB at checkout! Below are some similar picks!

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