My great-grandfather was the epitome of the cat's pajamas (whatever that means, but it invokes an image). First of all, his name was Levi. I could realistically stop right there, but it gets better. He was a fighter bomber in WWII and flew supplies directly into England. They called him "Eagle Eye" because of his amazing eyesight despite hurling a hunk of metal through the air at 40,000 feet while trying not to be gunned down. He was a preacher in northern California and donated all of his land to the church before he moved to Arkansas. After moving to Magnolia, AR, he built his own house complete with a greenhouse--he was a daylily breeder! He cross-pollinated and founded two different types of daylilies that are registered in the state of Arkansas (named after him and my great-grandmother #crying). He ran a mile everyday until he was about 80. Oh, and as a late hobby, he started studying Mandarin because he knew the bulk of the population on this earth spoke the language. He died a few months before I graduated from high school at 83. Anytime I see a flower market, I think of him and the fact that he used to keep seeds and soil in his fridge.

Lately, I've been seeing this very efficient trend of wearing your swim top as a... well, regular top. With swimwear on its game at the moment, it's one of the first times I've seen fashion serve more of a practical function than a statement. Considering the state of Tennessee will spend 82% of their humid summer in some form of water, cutting down the time to change into a suit by a landslide is a win for women everywhere.

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