Hot Child in the City

Vintage shopping is equivalent to waiting in line at the DMV. I might get what I came for... and I might have to come back another day. But when you find the perfect piece, audible screams are heard. Like this kelly green and weathered yellow RAGS #8 jersey I found on a rack from Black Shag Vintage, a shop in East Nashville. 8 has always been my lucky number and I don't know what team has a mascot of the Rags, and I don't care, but hello Team Rag Pepper. One of those golden pieces where you don't care the price, it must be yours.

I love a graphic tee to dress down an outfit (like a silver satin midi skirt and your treasured fire engine red knee-high boots perchance?). Maybe repping MLB, NBA, or a local high school gym is your style. Some people prefer the retro 90s vibe. I always love a good political statement and you can never go wrong with a perfectly preserved band tee.

Below are some options to help you weed out cool strangers with your emblazoned graphic across your chest. I threw in some silver midi and maxi skirt pieces (that matte sequin number though!) and a couple of pairs of statement boots.

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Maybe the best any of us can do is not to quit, play the hand we’ve been given, and accessorize the outfit we’ve got.