By the time this hits the inter-webs, I will be hurling through the air nestled in a steel cylinder at a remarkably hasty speed. Followed by: arriving safely (*fingers crossed*) into a country of vespas, breakfast spaghetti, wine as water, and gallons of pesto. Also known as...


Whenever I have an upcoming trip and start establishing my wardrobe, without fail I end up adding new pieces before I leave. Clearly, still relevant for a whale of an inspiration like Italy. Luckily, this resurfacing polka dot trend is exactly what I was searching for. *Stay tuned for my Italy Travel Diary in the next week or so!

I'm sure a lot of you are like me and assume you can't pull off polka dots as a grown ass woman. The key is to amp the sexy with the silhouette: spaghetti cami, low neckline, off the shoulder, bigger print for a unique spin. I chose my favorite color to keep it sultry. A pair of heels can't hurt either.

As you know (probably? I feel like we're friends), I love marrying dressy with casual. Print mixing with contrasting stripes or floral is another way to keep the dots on the mature side. Besides Italian fulfillment, this polka dot trend should be able to carry you through all of the summer weddings you RSVP'd to. Below are some of my favorite picks of the newest trend!

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There is a shade of red for every woman.