My nature can often times be self-deprecating in overloaded and taxing times. Instead of docking for downtime, I'll hastily load up a rocket ship onward. In November of 2016 I was working on a television show (the best!) that drained about 60+ hours of my week; leaving hardly any time to pursue Rag Pepper with meaningful intent. I pushed through a few weeks with the bulk of content being created out of my stifling expectation and not necessarily with the pride and open-minded journey I began with.

So, I pressed pause for once. I cherished Rag Pepper and wanted to prevent the inevitable burn out I've experienced with many other endeavors. I removed the pressure and prepped to resume when the show wrapped.


After hours of groundwork and conceptualizing, I curated my newly minted machine, sought out a visual magician (hi Catherine!) to boost the recipe, and ran back to Rag Pepper on heels of fire.

I'm all about curating a "go-to" outfit formula. Strings of femme brought to you by classic color-blocked Chanel + edgy lacquer polish courtesy of Topshop + a soupçon of French simplicity via powdered blue Zara = ¡BREAKING! Efficiently prepared, notably comfortable, everyday glamour! A closet of contradictions! Outfit equivalent to a Long Island Iced Tea! Ensemble nirvana! Any way you print it, I'm happy to be back. So thank you, come again.

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Bitches get stuff done.
— Tina Fey