When I revamped Rag Pepper back in March, I kicked off my comeback with a post discussing transitions. Back then it was a career shift, lately it's consisted of a style morph. As I've spent the last 6 months curating the composition of Rag Pepper--inspiration boards, colors, fonts, my style outlook, etc.--I realized more and more that those components have quaked. Naturally, I didn't care much for the change. Several rounds of internal dialogue resulted in diving even deeper to those sources of inspiration. Fashion blogging is soul searching. For instance? This isn't my favorite outfit Catherine and I have ever shot. Realizing that aspect is inevitable with this profession was a weight lifted. Just like I'm learning to accept my style shifts, I--like everyone--am learning to stumble without a self-sabotaging demeanor.

Potsy and I went to Las Vegas back in April for the 2017 ACM Awards. After strolling through the preserved Old Vegas, New Vegas offered up a hat shop he was dying to visit: Goorin Brothers. Unbeknownst to us we have a flagship here in Nashville, but I left Vegas with the ultimate Lemonade vibes. 🍋🐝

Below are some options for the recent, though faded, feather trim trend! It was more popular this past winter, so most of these tops are on sale.

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