the following are brief summaries of provided services. upon booking, a detailed and complete schedule of the items below is issued for deeper understanding. for comfort and ease, 3 PACKAGES are available based on the volume of change you're pursuing. some services are offered à la carte. click here for > FAQ < about services and packages.

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stylist commentary*

our initial home visit will start with us sitting down to talk for awhile, rather than rushing to your closet. i want you to feel comfortable during this transformative, but extremely fun journey.

we'll go over vital aspects of your personal style and your ultimate goal for this process. we'll discuss problems you're facing with your current and past wardrobes, what message you want to send to the world with your clothes, and how you want to feel when you get dressed everyday.

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closet revival

first, we'll pull out your most loved and worn items and put them on a clothing rack that i will bring to our session. we'll assess why you love them or always reach for them over other items in your closet. keep in mind: always reaching for something doesn't necessarily coexist with loving it.

this part of the consultation involves a lot of trying on clothes and deciding what about them isn't working.

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style rundown

once we've completed the STYLIST COMMENTARY and CLOSET REVIVAL, we will have revealed a lot about you and your personal style. after our session, i will record my observations and condense them into key words or mottos for you to use effectively going forward.

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shopping blueprint

after we have defined your personal style, stripped away closet clutter, and drafted a plan to build your wardrobe with purpose, i will then compile a list of holes within your wardrobe.

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shopping OUTING

once we have defined your personal style, detangled your existing wardrobe and mapped out a shopping plan, we will schedule a SHOPPING OUTING.

we’ll meet for our shopping outing at a location i’ve chosen particularly for you based on your personal style, your size, and your budget. using the structure we created in the CLOSET REVIVAL, i select items that fit your ideal wardrobe and complete your closet. without having to do any of the searching, you show up to a dressing room already filled with selections.

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stylist at-hand

the STYLIST AT-HAND service includes ongoing encouragement and guidance of your styling needs for 3 months following our initial session by text or email.

i’ll be easily accessible to help you pack for vacation, dress for a special event, plan for family photos or maneuver seasonal changes.



the following packages range in intensity and investment based on the value of change you're seeking in your personal style. they have been carefully curated to help you gain the most out of my services. click here for > FAQ < about services and packages.


#1 - "REFINE" package is best suited for those who need directions to the interstate, but know where they're going from there. we define your style, declutter what doesn't align, and incorporate a plan to help your style remain refined.


#2 - "REWRITE" package is best suited for those who are in need of a heavy closet refresh due to a notable lifestyle change, shedding a decade of age and embarking onto a new one, or those who have a closet brimming with bad shopping habits.

this package includes all services in the "REFINE" package as well as a SHOPPING OUTING for a package total of 6 HOURS of time.

#3 - "REINVENT" package is best suited for those who are looking for a complete overhaul on their personal style outlook. from start to finish-blank canvas to detailed masterpiece-we will lay a substantial foundation for your style.

this package includes all services in the "REFINE" and "REWRITE" packages as well  as a STYLIST AT-HAND for a package total of 12 HOURS of time.



being a bride means several important events all scheduled within weeks of each other... which also means several important outfits to be remembered.

along with local wedding gown shop suggestions, rag pepper styling helps brides with style assistance for their rehearsal dinner, second look, bachelorette party, engagement and save the date photoshoots, bridal shower, and more.

services for the bridal party are also available! 


Special event?

rag pepper styling offers services to make deciding what to wear the most effortless detail of your big night!