The One With Her Really Cute Dog

Photographer: Samantha Hearn

Meet Manny! 

Say hello to the 10-month-old, 55-pound, midnight-black Goldendoodle that is Manny (!!!) 🐃 Lively, upbeat, and full of spirit—much like my choice of ensemble! Novembers in Nashville, much like Octobers, start out stubborn. Closer and closer to Thanksgiving, I’m enjoying my walks with the Man as the air clears to more refreshing temps.

I’ve continued my strategic layering by marrying a grecian summer dress I bought late in the season to an airy band camp blazer from Modcloth. I’ve been shopping with Modcloth for a number of years and have always appreciated the ability to find the exact quirky or unconventionally-hued piece I’m searching for in their selection.

Creature of habit, I added even more color with these watermelon and cotton candy blue New Balance sneakers via J Crew. I have to be able to keep up with the wind up toy inside of Manny! If ever my outfit needs more saturation, I have no trouble finding solace in the rainbow of choice that dwells at J. Crew.

Adding the subtle accessory of a cobalt wool beret from Nordstrom makes me feel a little fancy, a little French, and a little closer to true fall weather.

Below are links to my outfit as well as some more ideas for your transitional wardrobe. 👢

What helps you manage the flighty cycle between summer and fall? Let me know in the comments! ✗ A




Amber is a fashion blogger living in Nashville, TN. What started as a hobby to express her individualistic style, has now cultivated into a serious devotion. Her style influences include: Leandra Medine, Blake Lively, Giovanna Battaglia, Miroslava Duma, Diane Kruger, and Olivia Palermo (to name a lot). She believes apparel is the ultimate form of nostalgia.