“amber was AMAZING and made my life so much easier. she styled me for various bridal events, and was great to work with. her calm and professional attitude put me at ease. she picked out some killer outfits, and ALL within my budget. she’s the best!!
“amber is hands down one of the most talented people that i know. she has styled me for live performances, events, and has helped me take simple, everyday outfits to a new level - all while staying within a tight budget! her excitement for my style motivates me to step out of my comfort zone because i know that the outfits she’ll come up with will still feel like ME no matter what. i love getting to work with her and i am always so excited to see what amazing & unique pieces she’ll find next!
“amber has a gift for exquisitely coordinating fashions, from wardrobes and beyond. with an affinity for combining edgy and creative compositions, often utilizing them to create unique fashion-forward stylings. this ability is what makes her stand apart from the crowd, and you stand apart-as a client. she is refreshing, unique and harbors a continually evolving talent that creates endless stunning results. she is my go-to when i face stylistic contemplation regarding any platform. the absolute best.