Photo by  Catherine Truman

My career in fashion began in my living room when I was 16. I was enrolled in a high school design class that hosted a runway show at the end of the year. I sat down with an armful of magazines and tried to study them, quickly realizing style was more of a feeling rather than a syllabus to memorize.

I’ve learned to never say never when it comes to what I add to my closet. My style is a formula of opposites; heavy in texture and color play. Sometimes my look is one of everything and sometimes it’s everything of one, but usually, it involves classic silhouettes with a modern spin. In the end, my style is, and will always remain, a feeling.

The relationship I’ve had with fashion has taken many forms and my philosophy on style has made the journey down several avenues. Two theories have stayed with me:

One. Wear what you want! I hear too often, “I wish I could pull that off.” You can by simply… wearing it! I understand some clothing statements take extra confidence, but life is too short to not wear the beloved red vinyl pants.

And two. Social events have taught me that conveniently, being overdressed and having a bad time cannot coexist.

My goal for this blog is to increase confidence in your closet and maybe push your style boundaries ever so slightly. There’s nothing that I enjoy more than helping someone express themselves via personal style. Feel free to contact me for style questions, general comments, or just to say hello!