These are so difficult for me to whip up so here goes something that I will probably rewrite tomorrow.

I'm Amber and this is Rag Pepper.

A blog for those thickly rooted in their respect for the flux world of style. For those who understand that fashion has far more than a vain foundation. Your daily choice of garb is your first impression, picket sign, inner voice⎯the number one thing you want to declare about yourself.

This blog is for those brassy ladies and gents with a fondness for color, blending silhouettes, bold pairings, and the ability to show it off like art.

As for me, I savor sneakers married to dresses and redefining the female shape. Coffee morning noon and/or night, and solo movie theater treks. Feminism and fighting for it. My sweetheart and our blue brick fireplace. Walking Manny to the park, and working while Millie purrs to sleep. Thrilling flights to different cultures that breed new perspectives, and... emojis. 🍟 etc etc etc.

Interaction is key here: e-mail/follow/say hi/meet me for lattes. Don't be bashful.

✗ A